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Design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) research

It is if great importance to only use additive manufacturing when it adds value to a product. Otherwise it can become a slow an uneconomic manufacturing method. If, however, a product might benefit from, say, a 50% weight reduction, or by being custom made to the user, then AM may add enough value to overcome its high costs. But, even more importantly there are very few cases where a component that was designed for a conventional manufacturing method can be economically made through AM. To be viable, the component must be redesigned to both take advantage of the potential added value of AM, and to make the component as economical as possible to produce.

The Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab specializes in research about how to design parts the correct way for AM. We develop software for evaluating the suitability of a part of AM, and we explore a range of light-weighting techniques, including topology optimisation, generative design, and lattice structures.

We also put a lot of effort into understanding the AM process through the simulation of a part before it is built so that we can adjust either the part design, or the part print parameters to ensure the best chance of print success.


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