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Additive manufacturing technologies research

The Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab develops a range of new additive manufacturing technologies. These range from improvements to existing AM technologies, such as low-cost extruder print heads that can use polymer materials in pellet form (including very soft TPRs), to completely novel electro-spinning AM 3D printing systems capable of printing with collagen.

Some specific developments include:

  • Open source desktop printer pellet extruder. Download the files HERE.
  • Multiple print heads for 5 DOF robot arm including polymer, concrete and continuous fiber composite print heads.
  • Electro-spinning collagen 3D printer
  • Improved silicone powder spreading mechanism for metal powderbed fusion systems
  • Silicone 3D printer
  • Hybrid binder jetting / powderbed fusion 3D printer for electroactive and smart polymers
  • Food 3D printers


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